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Is the Housing Frenzy Over?

The Real Estate market has certainly shifted since last year! Selling prices are evening off as the market turns into a more balanced one. Now this doesn't mean prices are dropping significantly. It means buyers have more negotiating power since there's more inventory and less competition.

Pending sales are down 31.6 % over last year. However, sellers shouldn't despair. If your home is priced right and is in good condition, it will sell. There's a number of ways to make your home stand out. Homes are on the market longer these days, so you want to make sure your home is in the best condition and priced to sell. Every day a home sits on the market, it loses value.

Contact us for more information on the housing market and how we can help sell your home for the best price.

Nita McClellan, Realtor CNE SFR

Momentum Realty

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